At Fisher Healthcare  we offer the following care services:

 Homecare service: Private and Social services

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At Fisher Healthcare we can provide specific respite care within your home such as day sits, night sits or live in care. Whether it’s to support families, or cover a well-deserved break, we help clients and families maintain normal everyday living and as much independence as possible.

Our Care packages are bespoke and set at the level best suited to you and your families specific needs, when or how you need it. So, whether you are looking for specialised care, learning disability support or elderly care we can help. Our aim is for you to enjoy the highest level of wellbeing possible.

Please note: we provide a minimum of 30 minute to 4 hour calls or sit-in service for respite in your own home and for escorted days out. We also provide 24/7 live in care 365 days a year – sometimes at very short notice.

Our staff are trained to a high standard and will be respectful towards you and your family. We believe that a person-centred approach and an understanding of individuals specific needs, helps promote the individual’s sense of wellbeing, whilst also ensuring their privacy and dignity, which is of great importance.

What healthcare services do you require? Home care, Live in care  respite cover. We also offer Holiday escort/carer service please call for information.

The care worker can help in a variety of ways. As well as providing personal care (such as washing, dressing, getting up or preparing for bed) they can support you by carrying out light domestic tasks and shopping etc. Alongside their duties they will provide companionship and friendship. The carers would recognise when there may be problems or deterioration in health and would alert family and head office who would take necessary steps to ease the situation and contact appropriate services as deemed necessary.

You as an individual

Fisher Healthcare will create a personalised care plan for each individual client. By continually listening, observing and learning about what is important to you and your family the care plan can be adapted to fulfil your individual aspirations and needs.

At Fisher Healthcare we will:

  • * Help you to remain in your own home and familiar environment
  • * Help in preventing admission to hospital or other residential establishments
  • * Create a care plan tailored to you ensuring the best support when you need it most
  • * Recognise changes in your health status by continual assessment and identifying any need for intervention, respite care etc.
  • * Offer you flexibility, control and choice regarding your care

Fisher Healthcare can provide assistance with day to day tasks within our 24-hour packages. This could be anything from household chores, handling mail, helping with household bills or even helping organise fun days out with friends and family. We could also help a loved one who needs respite care.

More Intensive Care

Care needs may become more complex and challenging. There may be a need to call in health professionals. Times such as:

  • * Hospital discharge
  • * End of life care
  • * Intensive and complex care needs
  • * Dementia
  • * Crisis prevention to avoid admission to residential care or hospital